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Crystal Awards

Everyone should be recognized for something at some point in their career, so choose from our promotional engraved crystal awards today. Choose from a variety of themed and achievement promotional crystal awards. All promotional awards are engraved on top of the line crystal. Choose from promotional plaques to trophies, no matter what you give them they will be happy to be recogonized with one of our promotional engraved crystal awards. All orders ship for FREE on and yes this does include these beautiful promotional crystal awards, so call us today.

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Awards are needed for many occasions. Either as achievement awards for job performance or trophies for a competition, awards are all engraved and customized through our store. If you’re looking for a unique plaque or trophy, we carry various crystal engraved awards. This includes plaques and trophies in several shapes and sizes, all of which can be engraved with your company’s logo and employee’s name. All products come from Clearaward, which is part of IMC, and each one, regardless of shape or size, is made from optical crystal and cut and polished to have a reflective surface. Each can be purchased individually or several crystal awards can be sold wholesale.

For traditional awards, we have plaques and trophies. All plaques we carry come in three sizes, each with a polished and engraved surface. Some plaques are flat and need a base to stand up, while others are curved and stand up on their own. Trophies, on the other hand, are divided between achievement awards and sports trophies. For the former, many of these are all and are cut to include a flat surface to display the name or logo of your company, as well as the name of the employee receiving the award. These don’t always need to be for work, and any organizations needing awards can choose from the variety of options we carry. Sports trophies are straight forward in design, with awards shaped like footballs or golf balls. Many of these are tall trophies with a sports image engraved onto the body and a crystal ball – for any sport – on top.

If you need a particular shape for your engraved crystal award, our selection is divided into common trophy and award designs. Some common ones include stars, globes, and pyramids, but our figurine section has many more detailed shapes. Choose from pianos – for the music competition – and various vehicles ranging from motorcycles to airplanes and boats.

Aside from specific awards, our selection of engraved crystal items includes paperweights and nameplates. All paperweights are made from the same type of polished crystal and come in several shapes. Choose from traditional rounded shapes, as well as cubes, pyramids, and even hockey pucks.

Crystal Awards