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Promotional gadgets are the way to get your company's name out into the public. Take a look at our variety of promotional stress relievers, plush animals, toys, promotional banks, household and automotive gadgets, pedometers, promotional travel gadgets, ornaments, gifts, promotional drink chips and our line of pink promotional products. Make your next promotional campaign fun as well as functional at And don't forget that whatever promotional item you choose on ships to you for FREE !

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Sometimes smaller items are the best way to promote your brand. In the case of our products, we carry many small items that can be imprinted with a logo or a name. Some of these include stress balls, small household items, small toys, pedometers, and travel items like luggage tags. While these small items can have more variation in terms of shapes and colors, they’re easy to hand out, too. Whether you’re passing out stress balls at a job fair or attend a local marathon to hand out pedometers, all of these items can be customized to represent your company or organization. In addition, smaller items can be passed out to employees who, then, can hand them to those they know. One imprinted item that can be customized to your company’s needs is a promotional stress ball. These promotional stress balls can be ball shaped – and printed in solid colors or globe print – or formed into any number of soft shapes. Some shapes include state shapes, stars, hearts, airplanes, and sports balls. Aside from the shapes and colors of these promotional stress balls, an imprinted stress ball can display a logo in any number of locations on its surface. Another common type of promotional item is a bank. While personalized promotional piggy banks are the most popular, we carry other shapes, such as bears and houses. Pass out these promotional coin bank designs, all of which are transparent and can be printed with a name in a visible location. In addition, promotional luggage tags are another common item. Have your brand seen at the airport or any travel location by requesting imprinted luggage tags, with your brand on the backside of the tag. We carry other less usual promotional items. These include various household items, such as bag clips, measuring spoons, pet leashes, and automotive kits. Other items for outside of the home include small toys like desk roulette games and imprinted Frisbees and pedometers.