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Promotional imprinted lanyards, keychains & carabiners are the ultimate promotional products. Promotional keychains, lanyards and carabiners all make great giveaways, gifts and promotional products. Affordability is the common factor when choosing from our wide variety of promotional carabiners, lanyards or promotional keychains. All orders ship FREE on so call us today and have your order of promotional imprinted keychains, lanyards or promotional carabiners started today.

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Key chains are an item that can be customized easily. Many of our key chains, as well as carabiners, can be engraved or imprinted with a logo. In addition, many promotional keychains come in a distinct shape and, aside from your logo, the shape of the keychain can make your promotional product distinct, as well. The promotional keychains we carry can match the theme of your brand, product, or organization, or they can be unrelated. For example, many of our imprinted key chains are metal and shaped like animals or sports balls – much like an ordinary keychain but customized with your particular logo. In addition, many of the promotional keychains we carry serve an addition purpose, such as being a flashlight or tool keychain. Our selection of promotional key chains includes various shapes. One popular type of promotional keychain is a sports keychain. These imprinted key chains are metal and have a sports ball printed on the surface for many popular sports, including baseball, basketball, and soccer. The name or logo of the company is then engraved into the metal above the ball on the keychain. Other shapes can be found in our “fun” category. These fun imprinted key chains include many animal shapes, such as dogs and pigs, and whistle key chains. Some promotional keychains, in addition, are simply metal engraved with the logo of your company or organization. These all-metal imprinted key chains come in spinning shapes and solid shapes, such as stars, hearts, and steering wheels – the latter of which is appropriate for many automotive businesses. Other promotional keychains have a practical purpose tied in with the design. These practical imprinted key chains are either tool or flashlight designs, although we carry bottle opener key chains. For the former two, the flashlight and tool promotional key chains can slide onto a key ring and be used for any number of practical or emergency purposes. In addition, if you need a quick lock for a bicycle, other promotional and imprinted practical items include carabiners in various colors and shapes.