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Cut costs and time with our line of promotional imprinted scissors. Keep your costs low and your results high with promotional scissors as your next promotional campaign. Great for offices or homes, these promotional imprinted scissors will come in handy in both places. All orders ship FREE on so call us and have your order of promotional imprinted scissors started today.

Logo Scissors - 1620
Our price: $1.39

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We carry various promotional office and desk supplies that can be customized with an imprinted name or logo. Once these supplies, such as scissors, are imprinted with a logo or name, they can be given to employees, to employees of other clients to promote your company, and to anyone attending a trade show, company open house, or business networking event. In our selection, we carry promotional scissors that, with a protective sleeve around the blades, have your logo imprinted. The body of the promotional scissors we carry is blue and, generally, the logo imprinted into the sleeve is white to stand out.