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About us

We're on a mission to become the UK's preferred Print On Demand supplier by offering a service that's second to none.

What We Do

Imprinted is a Print On Demand and Drop Shipping company based in Greater Manchester, UK. Our mission is to provide the highest quality products, with the fastest production times and the industry's best customer service.

We have a real passion for helping people. Whether that's:

  • Helping you to start selling online
  • Helping existing sellers get better service, or
  • Helping you leverage your audience to monetise your channel

(we draw the line at helping with household chores, though - you're on your own there!)

Our Story

Hi, I'm Mark. I started building websites in 2012 and started my first online print on demand store in 2017. I read every e-book, took every course, found a supplier, hired freelance designers and did everything possible to make the store a success story.

Fast forward a year - the orders were coming in, but so were the concerns from customers:

"Where's my order? it's been 3 weeks!".

"The print quality isn't great".

I contacted the supplier.. *tumbleweed*

"How can I make a profit if I'm issuing refunds galore? Should I start buying in bulk and shipping them myself? Should I give up?"

I persevered. By 2020 I was operating 5 e-commerce stores and had hired some of the best people to work with me. But I still felt something was lacking with my POD provider.

It was clear - customers expected fantastic quality and fast delivery. I expected a supplier who would provide products I could be proud of and who would be there when I had a problem.

I wanted to make it simpler for people to buy and sell printed apparel. Some of my stores had been success stories, but I always imagined how much better they could have been if I had the backing of a reliable supplier.

So, in late 2020, Imprinted was born. Now we have a small (but excellent) team, and we've invested in some of the best technology, from the website you're on right now to our Kornit Avalanche HD6 DTG printers.

Our goal? While other POD suppliers were focussing on their businesses, we'd focus on our customers. We'd use our knowledge of the industry and it's pain points to provide an all-round better service.

And we're just getting started. We're already working on new integ­rations, adding new garments and accessories, testing new decoration methods and investing in new technology to make things slicker, faster and easier.

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