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Artwork Guidelines

Direct To Garment

We use Kornit Avalanche HD6 machines for direct to garment printing.

For optimum results we recommend a 300ppi resolution (PPI – is short for Pixels Per Inch and is a measure of pixel density). Colour mode should be set to RGB, and not CMYK.

Your artwork should be uploaded in PNG format with any background removed and left transparent. If your design has a solid background and you upload this to our designer tool, the background will be printed along with your artwork.

The maximum print area varies by garment, please check the exact print dimensions on the product page.

Extremely small text may not print correctly or may lose definition after washing.

  • Resolution: 300ppi
  • Dimensions: Maximum 40cm (w) x 50cm (h) - some garments have a smaller printable area so please check the product page.
  • Format: PNG


Sublimation artwork is made by printing the design using an inkjet printer, and then wrapping the item (such as a mug) with with the printed design before applying heat and pressure. Printed dye mixes with a special coating, and the image becomes part of the item.

Artwork should be supplied at 300ppi in PNG format, using RGB colour mode.

  • Resolution: 300ppi
  • Dimensions: Vary by item. Please check the product page.
  • Format: PNG


Embroidery involves a different technique than DTG or Sublimation. Your artwork will have to be digitised - this provides the embroidery machine with the detail it needs to complete the design.

Digitising involves a one-off setup to convert your image into one readable by our machines. When you first upload a new design and place an order, we will digitise the file which can add a small waiting time onto your initial order.

There are also some things about size that you will need to keep in mind.

If your design is too small, the detail will be lost and the machine will start to pull. To make sure your design is legible, aim for a height of at least 0.8cm and individual elements no smaller than 0.5cm in width.

We recommend against leaving negative space within your designs. Filling your design in with a solid colour provides a much tidier embroidery.

We’ll try to match your thread colors closely, but we can’t guarantee an exact match.