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Business Spotlight: WOOF INC

Thinking of selling print-on-demand products but not sure how to go about starting your online shop? Don’t worry; many eCommerce business owners have been there and they’re now reaping the benefits of sticking with it.  

One of these many thriving businesses is WOOF INC. A brand that began selling dog accessories only, WOOF INC grew and incorporated POD into the business model so they could deliver matching dog owner apparel as well. The brand’s print-on-demand apparel is now known for its witty slogan tee s, pop culture sweatshirts and cute coordinated dog/owner outfits!

As a perfect example of how POD can help a business grow, we thought it would be a good idea to catch up with the owner of WOOF INC and see what advice she has to offer and find out how Imprinted has changed her business. 

So let’s go back to the beginning; how did it all begin - what was your inspiration?

I have sold dog apparel since around 2014. I am obsessed with dogs and wanted to create some fun, colourful and vibrant pieces for my rescue pup.

What could Print-On-Demand do for someone’s business, and how has it benefited yours? 

The main benefit of using POD is not having to hold large amounts of stock. Not having to hold stock has enabled me to offer more colours and sizing. The hassle-free process of sending my orders to Imprinted and them drop shipping straight to my customers has been amazing! 

What advice do you have for someone setting up a print on demand business? 

Have a clear focus on what you want to do and know your audience. Choose the best platform to sell your merchandise, learn about marketing and product photography. And engage with your audience. 

What impact did POD have on business/­­turnover?

It enabled me to have more cash flow to spend on marketing etc. 

How many followers did you have when you started? How have you marketed it?

I had around 700 followers when I started and marketed the business through my knowledge of SEO, PCP (Proper Company Promotion), Facebook Ads, consistency and good customer service.

WOOF INC currently has 16K followers with a big community of loyal customers and fantastic brand reps behind them. They’ve gone from success to success and their dog mum apparel is gaining large traction in popularity.  

As WOOF INC has already discovered, POD provides an array of benefits to businesses,  whether it’s freeing up space and money since you no longer have to order bulk stock or leaving you with more time by integrating your online store with us, POD is the smart choice for any eCommerce shop. 

Check out WOOF INC online and on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram!

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