Production Time: 1-5 Business Days

How it works

Imprinted provides a print on demand and drop shipping service.  We make custom garment printing simple, whether you want a one-off shirt or want to integrate your store for fulfilment on autopilot.

Print on demand is an innovative and affordable way to get your designs out there. The process has been made easy with a few clicks of the mouse, but you should know how it works before making any commitments.

Here’s how it works, and how you can have everything in place when customers come knocking on your door.

Step 1: Register Your Account

Join Imprinted for free.

You'll be instantly approved and can start sending orders straight away.

Sign up for your account here.

Step 2: Create Your Products

Use our catalogue to choose from over 150 customisable items.

Using our product designer you can upload your artwork, add text and images and download mockups for use on your site or social media.

Save your items to your account (add as many as you like!), or checkout to print one-off designs on the fly.

Step 3: Create or Integrate Your Store

Send your orders to us automatically! Imprinted makes it simple to integrate with major e-commerce platforms including Shopify, Woocommerce and Etsy.  Your orders will be automatically sent to us for printing, saving time so you can focus on growing your brand and generating sales.

You can create a new store using your product mockups downloaded from your account, or integrate an existing store by installing one of our plugins.

Step 4: Get Sales

Build your brand and generate sales. If you integrated your store, we'll receive your orders automatically.

Alternatively you can manually create orders within your Imprinted account.

Step 5: We Print, Pack and Ship

Once you've completed checkout, we'll get to work on your orders and send straight to your customers with your branding.