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Introducing Stanley / Stella

Introducing Stanley / Stella

Simplicity… Respect… Respon­­sibility… Authen­ticity… this has been the foundation of Stanley/­Stella since it began back in 2012. It had one aim: breaking the textile industry codes by creating garments that respect the workers, the environment, and customers.­ 

And while it may seem like a bold thing to achieve, this brand’s mission statement wasn’t just empty marketing words; it’s a lifestyle that they’ve truly adopted and has been the driving force behind everything the brand has created since. 

Stanley/­Stella source only the best raw materials, grown or produced in ways that do not harm people, animals or the environment. Today, 95% of the company’s production is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). And as for the remaining 5% of the collection, Stanley/­Stella uses natural materials such as Tencel™, Modal and linen, and recycled polyester. It’s no wonder they’ve been ranked in the top 16 leading global brands for sustainable material sourcing. 

But it only takes one look at their website to know that Stanley/­Stella play by their own rules as a brand that’s effortlessly cool yet inten­ti­onally conscious with its ethics. And even though they go to the beat of their own drum, it just so happens to be in tandem with a new generation that’s growing more envi­­ron­­men­­tally and ethically conscious by the minute. They’re speaking the language of future consumers and embodying young people’s attitude of respecting our planet’s resources.­   

Stanley/­Stella is leading the way for sustainable fashion, and that’s why we at Imprinted choose to partner with them. Not only does a slow and sustainable process produce better quality products for you as our customer, but our mission is also to create fashion that is fair and responsible. 

Choosing Stanley/­Stella for your POD designs is deciding to invest in products that have a noticeable quality difference, a positive global impact and choosing to create products that young generations will get behind. So let’s dive into some of the products on offer...

New Collections - SS21 

With the SS21, Stanley/­Stella is ‘’­celebrating the true freedom that comes from within.’’ and with that comes the priority of comfort without sacrificing style and a throwback to the 90s tracksuit. The new season brings cool pastels and laid-back pieces in matching hues for a chilled, monochrome look. We like…

The Slammer Hoodie Sweatshirt 

This jumper puts a new twist on an old design combining elements from both the staple hoodie and the sweatshirt. It comes with a double-layered hood for extra warmth and benefits from flat drawcords in matching body colour with metal tipping for a sleek finish.  

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Our Top Picks for Stanley/­­Stella 

Creator Iconic T-shirt 

With the unisex quality and the 90s loose fit style, this tee is versatile and will make a perfect canvas for your designs. The tee comes in various colours and has a slight shading on seams to give a faded, washed look. Since it’s 100% organic cotton, it’s high quality, vegan and envi­­ron­­men­­tally friendly.­ 

Changer Iconic Sweatshirt

The iconic unisex sweatshirt has a classic crew neck design and is crafted in premium 85% organic cotton (85%) and recycled polyester (15%). The inside is quilted, and the outer material is brushed, giving it a soft to the touch feel. And with a choice of 28 colours, it’s also one of our most versatile sweatshirts. 

The team at Imprinted are excited to continue the journey to susta­­ina­­bility and are always looking forward to improving the ways that we can serve your eCommerce business.­ 

Since we’ve only offered a glimpse into the possi­bili­ties that Stanley/­Stella could provide for your POD products, check out this forward-thinking, quality-driven brand for yourself, and in the words of this incredible brand, as you go forward, “be authentic, brave and optimistic.­’’

We’re ready to partner with you. View our customisable Stanley / Stella products here.

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