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Marketing Tips For Your Online Business

1. Truly Research Your Customers 

Don’t assume you know your customer; really get to know how they like to shop, how they want to receive new information and what kind of products they’d like to see. Have a really clear image of who your customer is and find ways to really speak to them. What do they want, what is currently lacking in your brand? What cultural movements and conversations is your target market engaging with?

2. Brand Ambassadors 

Social media has changed the world of advertising and has paved the way for influencers to hold a huge amount of power. People don’t relate to big corporate brands; they relate to people, lifestyles, and values - so using brand ambassadors is key. Make sure they’re going to be effective in reflecting how you want your brand to be seen, and it’s also important to note that sometimes the smaller influencers can convert more sales. 

3. Adapt and Learn 

You can never take your customers for granted. Some months your sales will dip and what has been working for you so far may well stop working all of a sudden. At this point, it’s good to work out the buying habits of your customers. What months of the year do they buy certain products? Find out what social media they prefer for browsing products. 

4. Be Open

People follow people. They invest in the person, their daily struggles, their story and their journey. Don’t just share the content of what you’re selling; show people the person behind the business and provide content that people will find useful. The whole point of social media is that it’s a community, and showing that you care about your customers and that you’re a human being is key. Try sharing handy tips, asking interesting questions, and engaging with your audience. 

5. Utilise the Hashtag 

This is a large topic that requires quite a bit of research. Still, as a starting point for your online business, creating your own personal hashtag enables people to promote your brand for you. It’s also beneficial to look at what hashtags the brands in your niche use. This will help you reach a larger audience and give you an idea of what your target market is looking for in your line of products.  

6. Create a brand image that people emotionally invest in

Brands work because people want to belong to a community. So if the branding of your business is generic with no clear focus, people aren’t going to feel too invested. When you create a brand that has the same kind of values as your target market, you’re much more likely to see a community grow, thus providing loyal customers and new customers who want to be apart of that same family. 

So whether your niche is travel, parenting, dogs, 80s nostalgia or female empowerment, tailor your marketing (and products obviously) to the values of your chosen target market and what they care about.  

7. Friend Not Cash Cow

This is very similar to connecting with them on social media, but this point applies to the communication you have with your clients in a broader sense. It’s always important to make sure your customers feel heard by responding quickly to emails and being dedicated to any issues they have; however, another way to make them feel seen is through personalised emails. Rather than just filling their inbox with stock emails, include their name, address them personally and share your story with them.

Tell them the ways your business is trying to deliver what they want. You can even add discounts in the email or send them a discount on their birthday. These are just a few of the many ways people will feel valued and keep choosing your brand over a faceless one. 

8. Personalise Your Packaging

You might think that people don’t care about packaging, but people want to feel special and so putting a little more thought and effort into how you package a product goes a long way. Many people find the unwrapping of a present the best part because it’s an experience within itself, so in the same way, create an experience for your customer. 

Little personal message cards, small token gifts and products wrapped in gift paper with a brand sticker make all the difference because it shows that you care about your customer. And in the digital age that we’re living in, people love to share the unboxing of products on social media as well, which also happens to be a perfect way to spread brand awareness.  

When used to their best ability, each one of these marketing tips is worth their weight in gold. 

And while we’ve only touched on them, with a bit more research on your part, these tips will prove even more invaluable. 

Check back in with Imprinted to learn more about each of the tips we’ve mentioned, as we’ll go into further detail in our future blogs.  

For now, it’s food for thought as you embark on this wonderful journey of trying out new things for your online shop. 

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